Australian "Valdora" a 16mm scale diesel locomotive kit

The Valdora kit is in 16mm to the foot scale and can be adjusted to run on both 32 mm and 45 mm track gauges. It is assembled from a combination of laser cut and 3-D printed components with a substantial steel chassis and heavy duty motor. Assembly can be done in a couple of hours using PVA and super glues with no soldering required. Full glazing and long lasting brass gears are included. Couplers and nine rechargeable AAA batteries need to be provided by the customer.

The kit is available in several configurations including manual and radio control. The manual control kit includes a reversing switch in the cab and throttle adjustments are achieved by turning the air filter on top of the engine compartment. Sound can be provided with automatic engine, breaking and horn sounds.

The radio control version includes a special configuration put together by RCS in Casino NSW. The small handheld transmitter includes a reversing, centre off throttle knob and three function buttons for engine start/stop, horn, guard’s whistle and an “all aboard”.

In both cases, the control electronics are preassembled on a drop-in module. The customer has to merely plug in the motor and insert the batteries.
The kit price varies according to the configuration required. With a manual throttle and no sound, it retails at A$399 plus postage. With radio control and full sound the kit price goes up to A$718. The locomotive can also be purchased professionally assembled and painted to customer specification with batteries, full radio control and sound for A$999 plus postage.

The assembly instructions can be downloaded here.

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