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When you e-mail us, please indicate the country you are in and whether your railway is powered from the track or by battery radio control. Don't forget to include your e-mail address if you want a reply. Also mention if your question relates to steam, diesel or electric.

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Before returning a soundcard or decoder to us as faulty, please could you first review the Trouble Shooting section of your instructions to ensure that you have checked the obvious possibilities.

If you then wish to return a product for repair, please email us first and tell us the problem. We may be able to fix it by email or over the phone and we will only ask you to return it for repair if there is no other way. If you have done this and still believe that there is a problem then please mail it to the address we have given you, enclosing a letter or printed copy of an e-mail stating the problem and a contact phone number.
On receipt, we will test the soundcard. If a fault is identified then it will be fixed or replaced free of charge if warranty applies. If out of warranty then we will contact you before proceeding. If we find that there is no fault and the problem was caused by the customer then a charge may be made to cover handling and postage. Typical customer caused problems are flat battery, remote control lost its coding, wrong operating mode, sound muted, volume turned down to nothing, etc.
The standard charges for handling and postage are Britain 15, Australia $20 and USA $9.

Our mailing address in Australia is PO Box 2207, Clayton Bay, South Australia 5256

Faults and repairs

For quick answers to sales and technical questions, please call:

Australia 0414 232 060 North America 970-581-3567 Britain 01254 814675
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