This is MyLocoSound's soundcard for the ever growing range of light diesel locomotives running on large scale railways. Like the steam, diesel and electric soundcards it is highly adjustable to suit a wide variety of US, European and other light diesel and petrol/gas locomotives.

MyLocoSound Light Industrial retains the installation simplicity of screw terminals and also the same low price. However the quality and variety of sounds has been achieved by recording the prototypes. The size is 55mm x 32mm x 11mm.
The engine sounds are load sensitive being loud when accelerating, softened when coasting and softer still when slowing down. Options are included for "notching up" and for manual gear changes.
Whilst itís great to have a highly adjustable soundcard, the benefit is lost if you have to take the locomotive apart each time you want to make an adjustment. MyLocoSound has solved this problem by providing a handheld remote control which is used to make all adjustments from outside the locomotive. These are Sony compatible TV remote controls which can be purchased from local consumer electronics stores or from MyLocoSound at very little cost. Only one remote control is needed for any number of locomotives.

All of the sounds can be triggered by the function buttons of radio control systems from Fosworks, RCS, Micron, Mtronics, Deltang, Crest, RailBoss, Airwire, LocoRemote, BlueRail, Piko and others.

The soundcard also works well with simple track powered railways. On these, the sounds can be triggered in three ways. Firstly, the diesel horn can be set to sound automatically when the loco moves off and at timed intervals when running.
Secondly, trackside magnets and loco mounted reed switches can trigger any of the sounds at selected positions on the railway. Thirdly the remote control can be used to trigger any of the sounds but only over short distances outdoors.

On track powered railways, each locomotive needs a 7.2 or 9 volt support battery on board to sustain the sound when the track voltage is reduced to stop at a station. This battery will recharge automatically when the loco is running at speed.

Soundcards for Light Industrial Locomotives in 16mm, G scale, Gauges 1 and 3 and ride on railways using 100% recorded sounds.

To find out more please download the instructions
                     Classic Light Diesel (Australia Only)                           Premium  Light Diesel     
  Engine Sounds Perkins, Ruston Hornsby, Simplex, GE 25 tonner       Same plus Baguley Drewry, Whitcomb and Large Simplex 
  Motion Sounds Four throttle/gear types plus brake squeal  Same as Classic 
  Engine Startup Ruston Hornsby sequence  Same as Classic 
  Bell GE 25 tonner bell 
Same as Classic 
  Horns     Baguley Drewry, Whitcomb, GE Air, GE Electric, Klaxon  Same plus European two tone 
  Guard  "All aboard" and Guard's Whistle  Same as Classic 
  Operating Modes      A variety of manual and automatic options  Same as Classic