You can purchase soundcards and optionally have them installed by contacting our North American distributor
Del Tapparo of G Scale Graphics in Colorado at:

    Phone: 0160970-581-3567 9am-6pm Mountain Time 
    Web site:

The MyLocoSound soundcards are available as listed below with prices shown in Canadian dollars. To order, please contact G Scale Graphics who will quote mailing charges.

    Premium Universal Steam Soundcard at C$119
    Premium Universal Heavy Diesel Soundcard at C$119
    Premium Light Industrial Diesel Soundcard at C$119
    Universal Streetcar Soundcard at C$109
    Universal Electric Soundcard at C$109
    Universal Railbus/Goose Soundcard at C$109
    Remote Control at C$19 each

    (It is necessary to purchase a remote control which can then be used with multiple soundcards) 

If you have questions then please send an email to

How to purchase large scale soundcards in Canada