There are two different MyLocoSound soundcards. The original one had a green PCB and has been used for four years. Windows software and cables have already been distributed to resellers which allow them to change steam to diesel, etc and to update customers (for which the reseller can charge and retain a fee if they choose to).

A second generation soundcard is now available. It has a better processor with much more memory but is otherwise the same as the original. To make the difference obvious, the PCB colour has been changed to blue.

During the changeover period, a small number (50) of soundcards had the green PCB but the new processor. As an interim measure, the IR socket on these was painted blue to indicate the new processor was on board.

Soundcard PCB Update

The final versions of software for the original PCB were Steam 14D, Diesel 14C and Electric 8G. These will not be updated any further.

Pending release of new software for the new PCB, we have ported the Steam 14D and Diesel 14C software onto the blue PCB. These are now named Steam 15 and Diesel 15 and have been shipped on blue PCBs since early July. These have exactly the same features and facilities as Steam 14D and Diesel 14C except for:

     The bell and the guard's whistle are no longer truncated as they had to be on the smaller processor.

     US and other country versions are now combined on the diesel as they have been on the steam for some time.

The new, second generation software for the blue PCB is near completion and resellers will be invited to trial it before release.

Soundcard Software Update

Because of the new processor, we have had to do a new "Loader" program to download software updates on to the new blue PCBs using Windows computers and the cable we supplied earlier. You can download this using the link below.

The download contains a single program. Your computer will probably give warning messages when you try and download it which you will need to pass through (we have already checked it for viruses, etc.) Run the program and it will create a new “MyLocoSound Blue” folder in Program files. This folder will also contain the Steam 15 and Diesel 15 updates and sound clips files. A new “MLS Blue Loader” icon will appear on your desktop and you can then use it to update the blue soundcards. The original "Loader" program will be retained to update the old soundcards.

When the new, second generation software is available we will email it to you and you will be able to load it onto any blue PCB using the "MLS Blue Loader" program in this download.

Updating the software on Blue PCBs

Current firmware files for MyLocoSound Retailers