You can purchase soundcards and optionally have them installed by contacting
Tony Walsham of RCS in Casino, NSW at:

    Phone: 0429 029 083
    Web site:

or Colin Drewitt of Trains For The Garden in Silvan, Vic:

    Phone: 0419 504 432
    Web site:

MyLocoSound soundcards are also available direct from this website by using the shopping cart buttons below: 

    Universal Steam Soundcard at A$89 ...................: 
    Universal Diesel Soundcard at A$89 ....................:
    Universal Electric Soundcard at A$89 ..................:
    Light Industrial Diesel Soundcard at A$89.............:

Note: The soundcard uses a TV remote control to adjust the sounds. Only one remote control is needed for any number of soundcards. We recommend the Audiosonic or Home & Co. universal remote controls from KMart which are currently A$12.

Now complete your purchase and arrange payment through the secure PayPal site by clicking on
Please ensure that you specify a delivery address, we cannot see your PayPal address.

If you are a PayPal member or wish to join PayPal then payment can be made using your PayPal account. If you prefer not to join PayPal then payment can be made quickly and securely using your debit or credit card through the View Cart button.
If you have questions then please send an email to

How to purchase large scale soundcards in Australia and New Zealand

or Kevin King of Pamak in Bargo, NSW at:

Phone: 02 4684 2727 
Web site:

or Grant Alexander in Cambridge, NZ at:

Phone:  02 1190 0101