MyLocoSound has decided to cease manufacture of their small scale analogue DC soundcards and DCC sound decoders. Over the past few years, a high proportion of our small scale production was sold into the UK. However, since BREXIT, the pound has dropped and our gross profit has reduced. At the same time, advertising costs in the UK have increased and the appearance of cheap decoders from Hornby and others has applied further pressure. The result is that we have decided to cease our involvement in small scale sound.

On the other hand, sales of our large scale soundcards, for garden railways, are going very well into North America, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. With the UK being a much smaller proportion of our large scale sales, BREXIT has a much smaller effect. As a result, we will be focusing our future development on large scale soundcards.

Soundcards for small scale analogue DC and DCC