You can purchase soundcards and optionally have them installed by contacting
Peter Spoerer in Norfolk at:

    Phone: 01603 260562
    Web site:

or Cliff Barker in Essex at:

    Phone: 01702 217422 
    Web site:    

MyLocoSound soundcards are also available direct from this website by using the shopping cart buttons below. They will be supplied by one of the UK retailers so that no additional VAT or importing charges will be needed.

    Universal Steam Soundcard at 49 ...................:
    (Includes both guard's whistle and "All aboard")
    North American Diesel Soundcard at 49 ...........:
    (Includes "All aboard")
    Diesel Soundcard for all other diesels at 49 ......:
    (Includes guard's whistle and engine startup) 

    Remote Control at 10 each.............................:

    (It is necessary to purchase a remote control which can then be used with multiple soundcards)

Now complete your purchase and arrange payment through the secure PayPal site by clicking on
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If you are a PayPal member or wish to join PayPal then payment can be made using your PayPal account. If you prefer not to join PayPal then payment can be made quickly and securely using your debit or credit card through the View Cart button.
If you have questions then please send an email to

How to purchase large scale soundcards in the UK

or Dave Pritchard at Lococontrol in Scotland at:

Phone: 07939 143 045 (mobile) or 01786 821 391 (office)
Web site:

or Micron in North Yorkshire at:

Phone: 01653 696008 (part time office)
Web site: